Industry Sectors

Expertise and knowledge in specific sectors.
Specialized legal advice.

Our team advises investors of diverse nationalities on their projects in or through Spain in different sectors of the market. We apply our experience and knowledge, helping to develop solutions for our clients that include legal aspects as varied as, structuring, regulatory procedures, licenses, commercial contracts, and corporate aspects.

Our team includes lawyers with proven experience in specific key sectors of the Spanish economy. Our objective is to add value the client’s team, providing market knowledge, common practices, and legal technique in the operations we handle.

We understand that the needs of each project may vary on the volume of the investment, the size of the investment group, and the sector in which it is to be carried out. Thus, we translate legal realities so that they are understandable in the place of origin of the investment.

We have experience in the real estate, commercial and residential sectors. We also advise on individual or family investments, assist in the reorganization of family assets and advise on generational change. We specialize in the establishment of holding companies for investments of international business groups that seek to establish an efficient centre of centralization of wealth and cash flows. Our team also has extensive experience in making investments for the import and export of products, and in establishing restaurants and catering businesses.

Real Estate

The retail sector leads real estate investment in Spain, followed closely by investment in residential products.
Affordable financing and high liquidity make the real estate sector in Spain the main target for institutional investment and family wealth.

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Foreign Investment

Spain ranks 13th in the world in terms of the volume of foreign direct investment. It is also the third largest destination for greenfield projects worldwide, behind only the United States and the United Kingdom.
Spain is a hub for the establishment of holding companies of international business groups, which allows the use of efficient structures. This is the case of the well-known ETVEs.



In Spain, the logistics and freight transport sectors have been growing at a rate above Spain’s GDP for four years in a row. The importance of both sectors in the country’s economy is accentuated by the exponential development of e-commerce and new consumer habits.


Restaurants and Catering

The restaurant and catering sector in Spain is one of the most active in the country. The Spanish market is in a period of total transformation. The new trends are marking the need for new openings and venues that offer new experiences to consumers. The entry of delivery services has opened up a new opportunity for the implementation of new business models.


Family Business

Family businesses in Spain make up 89% of the total number of companies in the market and the weight of their activity is equivalent to 57% of the private sector’s GDP. Family businesses are currently undergoing a generational change in ownership and management. Investment opportunities arise from this generational change, either to finance the growth and international expansion of these companies or because of the need to sell the business due to the lack of capacity or interest in taking it to the next stage.


Google will allocate 800 million in aid for SMEs and self-employed

Google will make available to companies a fund of up to 800 million in direct aid in annual marketing plans for companies affected by Covid-19. The aid will be for digital marketing budgets, for non-profit organisations and for Google Ads The grants also include their new project The Update, a new series of videos and […]

Google destinará 800 millones de ayudas para PYMES y autónomos

Google pondrá a disposición de las empresas un fondo de hasta 800 millones de ayudas directas en planes de marketing anuales para empresas afectadas por el Covid-19. Las ayudas serán para presupuestos marketing digital, para organizaciones sin ánimo de lucro y para Google Ads Entre las ayudas también se encuentra su nuevo proyecto The Update, […]

La cesta de Navidad, un derecho del trabajador, que tributa

Para establecer la cesta de Navidad como derecho, ciertos expertos recuerdan que se deben dar una serie de supuestos. Por ejemplo, la STC 2626/2014 establecía una antigüedad mínima de cuarenta años para considerar este tipo de practica como un derecho del trabajor. En caso de que la empresa no haya regalado cestas de Navidad anteriormente, […]

The Christmas basket, a worker’s right, which is taxed

In order to establish the Christmas basket as a right for the employee, some experts remind us that a number of requirements must be met. For example, STC 2626/2014 established a minimum of 40 years’ seniority for this type of practice to be considered a worker’s right. If the company has not given away Christmas […]

During the month of October, insolvency proceedings increased

According to the statistics of the Association of Registrars, compared to September 2020, during the month of October the voluntary bankruptcies of registered creditors increased by 28.2% and the necessary bankruptcies registered grew by 69.9%