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Quality legal services for a concientiuos investment.

Our strength comes from the expertise of the team. We are prepared to meet all the needs of the international investor, committing ourselves to the client success. Foreign investment poses challenges, it requires careful attention to details and  a deep analysis of the possiblescenarios. Our permanent contact with various jurisdictions puts us in a privileged position to provide a tailored solution to our clients  concerns.

We speak the language of our clients and translate it into legal reality. We work with them directly, or by integrating ourselves with their team of advisors..

Our experience focuses on Europe and Latin America where we count with a solid network of collaborating firms and independent professionals and referees.

Servicios jurídicos de calidad

Our Policies

Seegman is a firm committed to conducting its business with the highest ethical and legal standards and expects all employees and partners to uphold this commitment.

As lawyers, we understand our practice not only as a way to deliver legal services but as an important tool to bring value to the society and the community we belong to. We are also committed to the global challenges of today and invest time and resources to achieve our goals.

We provide our work always assessing and looking to improve the economic, social, and environmental impact we generate among our stakeholders.

Our values and ethical drivers in key environmental, social and corporate governance can be summarized in the following policies:

We believe that justice and moral values are fundamental pillars in the good practice of business law. As such, we are convinced of our firm’s ability to positively impact the development of the profession and business growth as factors of social improvement. This impact is not only reflected in our services or the job opportunities we are able to generate directly and indirectly, but also in terms of working conditions, human rights, health, environment, innovation, education and training.

For this reason, we actively think about taking actions that prevent, manage and mitigate negative social impact, but above all we seek to implement initiatives that maximize the positive impact of our role in society, creating opportunities for talent to grow and multiply.

In that sense, we strive to foster opportunities among the legal Ibero-american community that we belong to, by offering spaces to develop talent and promoting skillful individuals to compete in a high standard European work environment.

We monitor the initiatives of public authorities, including the European Union, related to the support and encouragement of companies to perform our role in a responsible manner.

As a law firm, we focus on developing our business implementing the best practices of sustainability, professionalism and providing the best opportunities for our team and stakeholders.

Diversity is an inherent value of our company and an essential part of our identity.

We firmly believe in effort, talent and a job well done as factors that drive individual progress within our organization and openly reject recognition or merit based on race, nationality, gender, creed, personal contacts or political persuasion. We advocate for the development of equal opportunities within a pleasant, positive and inclusive work environment, free of discrimination and prejudice in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and the United Nations Standards of Conduct for Business on Anti-LGBTI Discrimination.

As a diverse team, our differences enrich our environment with different perspectives, backgrounds and cultures.

We are committed to the well-being of our team and to a positive work environment. We support and promote healthy lifestyles by reinforcing a culture of support and respect with our staff, families and clients.

Our people are our greatest asset. For this reason, we value all team members according to the principles of inclusion and meritocracy.

We are committed to contributing to environmental sustainability in accordance with the Paris Protocol. It is of great importance for our company to be able to offer an environmentally efficient service to our clients, adopting systems and initiatives to better consume energy, resources and reduce CO2 emissions. Therefore, we manage small-scale policies and recommendations to reduce the impact of our carbon footprint, and we promote the conscious use of paper and elimination of single-use plastics.

We assume the commitment to develop our activity under the principles of responsibility, integrity, honesty, professionalism, the principle of legality, and respect for the deontological rules established by the General Statute of the Legal Profession and the Code of Ethics of the public or private legal associations to which we belong, for example: Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Madrid and Ordem dos Advogados of Portugal.

We have adopted and implemented policies and procedures to comply with all anti-money laundering, client identification and verification, suspicious activity, currency transaction reporting and similar laws and regulations determined by the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act and other applicable laws at national and European levels. Likewise, we follow recommendations of international organizations such as UN and GAFI.

In order to comply with said legislation or regulations, we require our clients to provide evidence to verify their identity and source of funds.

We are committed to conducting the firm and its clients’ business under a policy of zero tolerance to bribery and corruption. For this reason, we implement the necessary measures to comply with ethical standards in accordance with European, Spanish and U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, U.K. Bribery Act and similar anti-corruption laws around the world.

We strive to meet the accountability obligations of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as stipulated by the supervisory authorities, other European data protection regulations and applicable Spanish laws as reflected in our privacy and data protection policy.

We undertake to safeguard and respect the confidentiality of all information and documents received from its clients that are not in the public domain.

Our team is prepared to advise foreign clients in the Iberian market and help them in the implementation and development of their investment.

Our Team

Our team, based in Madrid and Lisbon, is prepared to advise foreign clients in Spain and Portugal, and to help them them in the implementation and development of their investment.