Industrial production falls by 0.4% in the euro area in September

In Spain, industrial production in September increased by 0.6 compared to August and fell by 3% in the annual comparative period. Within the eurozone, the biggest monthly increase in production was in non-durable consumer goods (2.1%), followed by capital goods (0.6%) and semi-durable goods (0.5%), while the production of durable consumer goods fell by 5.3%

Extension Royal Decree 8/2020

The Executive seeks to sanction a new royal decree that will extend for another six months the guarantees provided by the ICO for loans to companies. The deadline for requesting loans with ICO endorsement of the last line for 40,000 million euros will be extended from December 31 to June 30 of 2021.

Economists criticize rent control and say it shifts public responsibility to landlords

On the Government control of rental prices, economists believe that “it has been demonstrated that it leads to owners withdrawing from offering their homes, thus reducing the market and investment and increasing the underground economy. For the economists, the more public and private supply of housing for rent, the more advantageous the price will be […]

During the month of October, insolvency proceedings increased

According to the statistics of the Association of Registrars, compared to September 2020, during the month of October the voluntary bankruptcies of registered creditors increased by 28.2% and the necessary bankruptcies registered grew by 69.9%

The Christmas basket, a worker’s right, which is taxed

In order to establish the Christmas basket as a right for the employee, some experts remind us that a number of requirements must be met. For example, STC 2626/2014 established a minimum of 40 years’ seniority for this type of practice to be considered a worker’s right. If the company has not given away Christmas […]

Google will allocate 800 million in aid for SMEs and self-employed

Google will make available to companies a fund of up to 800 million in direct aid in annual marketing plans for companies affected by Covid-19. The aid will be for digital marketing budgets, for non-profit organisations and for Google Ads The grants also include their new project The Update, a new series of videos and […]