Adapted to the needs of each client to provide a flexible and personalized support.

We seek to integrate the business knowledge together with a high legal technique to be efficient in the timely delivery of our services. We work at the pace set by our clients and their advisors.

With a team specialized in the key areas of investment in Spain, we provide legal support to our clients in the different stages of the project. From the design of the corporate structure to the implementation and maintenance of the investment vehicle. We provide legal support for asset investments, dealings with government agencies and financial institutions, including support in the international mobility of workers up to the liquidation of the investment.

Our expertise allows us to adapt to provide services to the client, their external legal advisors or in-house team. We are used to working at the pace of demanding operations and in coordination with top-level firms, consultants, and advisors.

We approach and explain the Spanish legal and regulatory reality to the foreign investor to facilitate their understanding of the jurisdiction.

All our services are adapted to the needs of each client, to offer flexible and personalized support, always maintaining a commitment to excellence.

Soporte a operaciones de M&A

Support for M&A Transactions

We offer legal support to external advisors or in-house lawyers in the coordination and completion of corporate M&A transactions. We assist in the required steps from the corporate, labour and tax point of view, notifications to public entities and to the counterparts in private contracts, before, during, and after closing.


Corporate secretarial services

We advise our clients on the maintenance of their investments and businesses. We provide recurrent legal services in contractual matters, company secretarial services and corporate and tax compliance, as well as other complementary services for operating companies or holding companies.


Business law

We advise on the planning and establishment of investments in Spain. We incorporate or provide the appropriate investment vehicle for each transaction. We organize and design the structure with an integral vision to maintain coherence and efficiency in the project. We coordinate international legal, financial, and banking teams to ensure a smooth and orderly investment.


Dispute Resolution

We intervene in the resolution of legal disputes arising from our clients’ businesses. Our experience covers corporate disputes, business relations and damage control. Our clients trust our ability to handle a variety of jurisdictions to delegate the coordination of international teams in the implementation of solutions that affect different countries.


International Mobility

We advise companies and relocated workers on the formalisation of international mobility procedures in a global environment. We ensure that the relocation strategy to Spain is consistent with key aspects such as taxation and family implications. Our international mobility area is part of the firm’s structure and is focused on investment, providing our clients with a solution that goes beyond simple immigration procedures.


Google will allocate 800 million in aid for SMEs and self-employed

Google will make available to companies a fund of up to 800 million in direct aid in annual marketing plans for companies affected by Covid-19. The aid will be for digital marketing budgets, for non-profit organisations and for Google Ads The grants also include their new project The Update, a new series of videos and […]

Google destinará 800 millones de ayudas para PYMES y autónomos

Google pondrá a disposición de las empresas un fondo de hasta 800 millones de ayudas directas en planes de marketing anuales para empresas afectadas por el Covid-19. Las ayudas serán para presupuestos marketing digital, para organizaciones sin ánimo de lucro y para Google Ads Entre las ayudas también se encuentra su nuevo proyecto The Update, […]

La cesta de Navidad, un derecho del trabajador, que tributa

Para establecer la cesta de Navidad como derecho, ciertos expertos recuerdan que se deben dar una serie de supuestos. Por ejemplo, la STC 2626/2014 establecía una antigüedad mínima de cuarenta años para considerar este tipo de practica como un derecho del trabajor. En caso de que la empresa no haya regalado cestas de Navidad anteriormente, […]

The Christmas basket, a worker’s right, which is taxed

In order to establish the Christmas basket as a right for the employee, some experts remind us that a number of requirements must be met. For example, STC 2626/2014 established a minimum of 40 years’ seniority for this type of practice to be considered a worker’s right. If the company has not given away Christmas […]

During the month of October, insolvency proceedings increased

According to the statistics of the Association of Registrars, compared to September 2020, during the month of October the voluntary bankruptcies of registered creditors increased by 28.2% and the necessary bankruptcies registered grew by 69.9%