Requirements for convening the general meeting

Failure to specify the legal cause of dissolution in the notice to the general meeting does not absolutely nullify such notice, provided that the matter for which the shareholders have been called is not unspecified, although other matters outside the agenda may not be addressed. The Resolution dated March 22, 2024 of the DGSJFP examines […]

Effectiveness of the sale of shares in a private document

The transfer of shares requires a public deed in order to be effective vis-à-vis the company and in general for the transfer to be enforceable against third parties, whereas the private share sale agreement is only effective between the parties but not as a substantive requirement. The Resolution dated 10 September 2023 by the DGSJFP […]

Internacional Business Centre of Madeira

This information note seeks to clarify some points for our Clients regarding the Special Tax Regime for the International Business Center of Madeira (hereinafter, the “IBC Regime”), through some notes that aim to dispel possible misconceptions. First of all, it is essential to debunk the idea that the scheme has been repealed or that it […]